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We take on Commercial Scaffolding services throughout Devon, Dorset & Somerset.

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Commercial scaffolding projects come in various forms, catering to experienced builders, small business owners, engineers, and demolition experts. Regardless of your role, maximising efficiency while minimising costs and time is crucial. At William James Scaffolding, we prioritise your safety and effectiveness, empowering you to work on your terms.

Navigating the dynamic nature and heavy foot traffic of commercial buildings requires a provider well-versed in the unique needs of commercial scaffolding. We specialise in understanding the intricacies of commercial premises, recognising that ongoing construction works often coincide with daily operations. Our commitment is to minimize disruptions, maintain safe access for pedestrians, and meet the builder's requirements and expectations seamlessly.

Choose William James Scaffolding for a reliable and efficient commercial scaffolding solution in Devon, Dorset and Somerset, that understands the specific challenges of your project. Empower your work with safety and effectiveness by partnering with us.

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A complete scaffolding service for Devon, Dorset & Somerset

Axminster Scaffolders

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Domestic scaffolding is our bread and butter, we all enjoy working within our community. Over time, we have accrued a reputation for our thoughtful and friendly team.

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commercial scaffolding in Seaton

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We understand that in most cases, commercial premises are still operating when they are have ongoing construction works. We do our upmost to limit any disturbances, keep access safe and open for pedestrians while still meeting the builder's requirements and expectations.

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Scaffolding in Axminster

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Our highly qualified team work with highly qualified engineers to produce fully designed, advanced scaffolding to cover any scenario. Temporary roofs are one of our specialties.

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We know how important it is to complete jobs on time whilst maintaining the high quality of our scaffolding. That's why excellent communication is something we get commended for so often. We are a trusted scaffolding solution for the people of Devon, Dorset and Somerset.


At every job, we look at minimising the risks. After all, a scaffolder's job is to drastically reduce risk for the person(s) doing the work. We have a health and safety representative who makes sure we are hitting our targets and always gaining new qualifications. Risk assessments, method statements, scaff tags and the correct PPE are used at every job we do, no matter how big or small.


When contractors book us in to do a job, they are trusting us with their customers. That is why we strive to leave a good impression no matter who we are involved with, from big contractors to pedestrians passing by. With years of scaffolding experience you can trust us at William James Scaffolding.

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