How do I get a Quotation?

Quotations can be sorted either online or offline. To obtain a quote online you can use our websites contact form or by emailing us, Alternativly you can call us on 01297 598781 | 07478 216640 to arrange a possible viewing for an accurate quote.

Do i have to pay for one of your quotes?

Our quotes are completely free, and you are also under no obligation to accept a quote. (we will let you know if your quote has changed due to more work being undertaken after the quote was initally accepted)

Do I need a permit to put the scaffold up?

Permits/Street licences are only required if the scaffold structure is on a footpath or road and run for a maximum of 12 weeks (it can be renewed after this period), we obtain these from the local council and the cost for this if needed will be included in our quote, please allow 10 working days’ notice prior to date of works commencing for this process to be completed.

Are you insured to work on my building?

If the scaffold is going on your private property it is always advisable and in your best interests to ensure that the scaffold contractor you use is fully insured should things go wrong.

Are your Scaffolders capable and sensible to do the job?

Yes, all members of our team uphold a proffesional and friendly manner on all sights. All our employees ensure strict safety measures to limit any risk of danger or injury.

How much do you charge for your services?

All jobs are different so for an accurate bespoke quote for your individual needs please get in touch

What areas do you cover and where are you based?

We have offices in Colyton, Axminster and Chard. We are on the borders of Devon, Dorset and Somerset so we cover most of the south west and are happy to send our team to you.

Will my property require scaffolding during building works?

This will be dependent on the nature of the work being carried out. We will assess whether scaffolding will be necessary and alert you to this before we start work.

What if a problem arises after the job is complete?

William James Scaffolding are committed to providing an exceptional and quality service. If a problem arises after the job is complete, if it is within our control we will work with you to provide a solution to the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible.